Assemblage Session II – LAB

Berlin, 2019

The works to be seen here are collaborative works that convey the perspective and the power of the six individual positions of KLUB7 and carry an urban feeling. The materials are used and tell their own story, are found objects from the roadside or scraps of past work that are removed from their context and put together again by the group and thus enter into a new dialogue with each other. This intermeshing and letting in, driven by curiosity and a joy for discovery, gives the KLUB7 members a view outside the box...

This spontaneous approach and the exchange among each other is of particular importance for the six members. Everyone brings their own personal characteristics, ideas and idiosyncrasies to the group, which opens up new perspectives. An impulse is thus passed on to all members, adds up and creates a collaborative effort that has the power and perspective of 6 artists.