Cake – installation

Sea of Galilee, Israel, 2017

For the 70th anniversary of Israel we planned a very special gift.
In cooperation with the German Embassy in Tel Aviv and young people from the Kinnereth region, we have created an installation on the Sea of Galilee. An installation that was meant to remind us of a cake that is partly made of recycled materials and at the same time can float on the water. But how does it work? Together with the Israeli teenagers, we set up an open air installation workshop in which we used recyclable materials and leftover materials from the environment to create an object that functions as a representative gift and at the same time becomes a collective and ecological character. Together we revived discarded things, gave them new life and a new purpose.
We combined materials such as wood, cardboard or paper and painted them, giving them a coloured glaze that gave the installation a festive glow. With a local raft builder it was possible to make the cake float on the lake. So we combined craftsmanship, recycling, creativity, international understanding and a birthday present all in one.