EinheitsExpo – installation

EinheitsExpo / Halle (Saale) "growing together“, mixed media, 6x6x5m, 2021

Similar to our way of working on art projects, this installation describes the process of “growing together”. The collaborative work transports the perspective of the six individual positions of six artists. Sometimes it is an exhausting process. In the beginning, it is often unclear where the experiment will lead, but our long-term cooperation in the art collective and the will to move into new territories creates basic trust. We like to work in the public space and play with the urban feel from the street. To reflect the daily experiment of a developing society, we combined fragments of colliding identities and perspectives.
For the EinheitsExpo in Halle / Saale, three positions were invited to create an art installation. The basic shapes triangle, rectangle, circle were given and are a reference to the Bauhaus, which plays a historically important role locally.

The project was funded by Deutsche Stiftung für Engagement und Ehrenamt. Organized by Staatskanzlei und Ministerium für Kultur des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt and Fairnet GmbH.